So everybody knows about knives, guns, gear and the newest addition to the skin family: gloves. They rolled out November, 2016 and were instantly adopted by gamers. They quickly started not only using them, but also trading them.

Various skins and the ability to trade them with other players started in 2013 with one of the updates for CSGO. After the introduction of skins and especially Steam API which allowed to log in to various websites by using Steam ID, some websites (like Drakelounge and others) saw this an opportunity to allow gambling. This also quickly caught on with the game fans.

Now every time new skins get introduced they get also allowed to become deposits or wins when trading. Of course, when using the already known skins gamers can’t help but wonder, what could also become skins in the future.

We could recommend such items like bomb skins for C4 and other explosives. These might also provide some benefits when fighting, or could also be purely cosmetic. That is purely up to Valve.

Do you have some ideas what could become new skins? If so, you could try designing and submitting it: who knows, maybe Valve will accept it and soon we will see it on Drakelounge as well.