The first time skins were used in CSGO was in the middle of 2013. Since then they are seen as an important addition to the game that improve gameplay. Of course, the addition of skins also allows players to trade with each other or deposit them for betting on professional teams.

Kinds of skins

Like in any game, additionally gotten stuff can either help, or it can just be a prop. The same is in this game, where you can divide skins into two groups:

  • Tactical skins, which provide some advantages you can use while fighting other teams;
  • Useless skins, which only differ in their looks but not in their use.

How to get them?

Because a lot of people still rely on skins, CSGO has a few options how you can get more of them. One of the most usual ways is to wait for good quality weapon cases that you open with purchased keys.

But there is another way that is becoming more popular: betting in trusted websites. Using this way you can either try roulette, or bet on favorite professional teams and win more money which you can use to purchase skins.

There are even promo codes that allow you to bet more and, if you succeed, win more.

Skins are still very important for gameplay, for this reason you can see more and more websites offering the possibility of easier acquire.