As I see some complaints from betting websites, there is one which is pretty common: the deposit was not accepted. Sometimes it could be the website’s fault, of course, but usually it is because the actual user was not attentive enough.

Things to check

If you participate in online bets or games (like CSGO), you know how crucial a good internet connection is. It might be the thing that will separate you from victory as you can disconnect in the most important moment. The same issue persists when making bets online.

Before you make a deposit to a website, you should check:

  • Is your connection stable (if for example the betting website stops suddenly working, you can check if it’s down just for you or for everyone, by using this tool);
  • Do you have enough money (or skin value) to deposit (if you don’t have enough, you could use some affiliate bet codes to get more);
  • Are your cookies cleared;
  • Is your modem working without a problem (if not, you could restart it).

If the problems persist, you should try restarting your computer, clear DNS cache or try using online proxy. None of these things work and you can access other websites just fine? It might actually be the website’s issue, so just contact their support.